Dating sites that ask about breast size

28-May-2018 09:28

I talked about it a lot with my parents before deciding that getting a breast reduction would be the smartest thing for my physical and emotional well being. I also immediately noticed a change in the way guys approached me.

I had the procedure done when junior year ended and became a proud owner of a 36C cup. And by that I mean, they didn't approach me anymore.

"Seriously, if he can make me laugh and is confident, he's in. Take any other physical characteristic -- weight, hair color, size of...

certain body parts -- and casually listing it as a non-negotiable dating requirement would strike the average person as at least kind of shallow and crass, if not offensively discriminatory.

People look at you differently and swear up and down that it's not something they would ever do themselves. I respect your opinion to not change your body, but it made more sense for me to change mine.

The number of ladies on dating sites listing a minimum height requirement for potential matches is stunning.

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Senior year ended and I wanted to be in a better place. I put myself on OKCupid and other dating sites, hoping to meet someone when I moved off campus. So why did I end up using pictures of myself from before my breast reduction?There are plenty of them placing far more weight on personal chemistry."To be honest, the most important thing to me in a man is confidence and humor," says Lisa, a 31-year-old woman married to a slightly shorter man.But about three weeks into that fall semester, I started to see that a lot of people were perplexed by my decision. " 2) "Do you know how many people would kill for a set of boobs like that? I could come home with four bags of clothes like the rest of my friends each time.

And so poured forth a new set of questions: 1) "But WHY would you get rid of them? My boobs were still comparatively big, and I thought my waist still looked tiny! So why did I constnatly wonder if I had made the wrong decision?If anything, men have earned their reputation for being superficial over the course of many generations.

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