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Vll tlie German limguage, and against those who understand no other, are the nafural-historiana, who — e. Alexan- cler von Humboldt — import the whole Latin Linnseus iato the midst of our language, without any other Ger- man signs of distinction than the final flourishes of Ger- man terminations, or tail-feathers, wherewith, however, they are as littie intelligihle to the mere speaker of Ger- man as a man would be to a stranger beliind him through his mere queue. — concerbing houses 3, — The Two Fools, — ' 23, DOG-POST-DAY. 5 thrust it back -with comic resignation info the envelope, saying ; " We have now ample hope that to-morrow our Doctor will certainly arrive with the rest ; — fine tourna- ments and watering-place amusements do I anticipate, wife !Has not our inexhaustible language al- ready shown its capahility of creating a German Linnrens when we read a Wilhelmi, and still more that true German in heai-t and speech, Oken ? when to-morrow cornea in, and my rats in a hody dance like children before him ; — besides, we have noth- ing to eat ; and then, too, I have nothing to put on, for not before Thuisday can I extort from that Flachsenfingen wind-bag * a hair-b^, — and you laugh at it ?

Were he to live, in fact, into a Methusalem'6 mi Uen- nium, and continue to write, the Methusalem would have to append so many volumes of emendations that the work itself would have to be annexed to them as mere prelim- inary matter, appendix, or supplementary sheet. IX For several years the author has found iu his earlier works, in a high degree, a fault which he has met with in Ernst Wagner, Fouque, and others, frequently repeated or imitated, namely, the passion for enacting, in his autho- rial person, the trumpeter, or usher, of the emotions, which the subject himself should have and show, hut not the poet. The poet who, m this way, is the fore-echo of his personages, takes for his model certain modem tragic poets, like Wei-ner, MUllner, &e., who prefix to every speech for the actor the book- binder's directions : " With touching emotion," — " with a sigh of painful remembrance out of the depths of sorrow," —mere sentences of mtensity, or rather of impotence, which only a pantomimic dance needs or can follow, but which no piece of Shakespeare's, of Schiller's, or of Goe- the's needs, because, indeed, the speech itself teaches how to speak it. yet completed nothing of this Pi'ef- c beyond a tolerable sketch, whieh shall here be given to the i-eader unadorned. In fact, as the Germans sel- dom appreciate irony and seldom write if, one is forced to foist fictitiously a raalidons irony upon many serious books and reviews, in order to get any of it at all.

Refrain fivm automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. Enghsh readers may have diiferent opinions on the question whether he "came down too soon" or too late.

We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. The Trans- lator seems to see signs that Jean Paul is to be better and better understood and appreciated among us in this free and forming Western world, and he concludes his introduction of this second great labor to the public with the benediction upon the book which, in the closing paragraph of Ms second Pref- ace, the author so touchingly pronounces on this evening and morning star of his heart. 3IN tlie house of the Courts Chaplain Eymann, in the bathing-village of St.

At least I will beseech the German Society there, which some years ago made me a member, to go to the bookstore and see for themselves what their colleague has done, what erasiona and substitufiona he has made. And were not all these remedies as good as useless? His Lordship wrote to the Com-t-Chaplain that he and his son would come to-morrow.

The ones who have properly sinned the most against Hosted 6y Google PREFACE TO THE THIRD EDITION. The Cliaplam read over the Job's-post silently three times ii Hosted 6y Google OK 45 DOG-POST-DAYS.

For the rest, the German language will, in general, never shrink up and grow impoverished, even by the greatest hospitality towards strangers. Is not one of OS in the very middle of April made an April-fool of?

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